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I can offer a full service: disco in the oldies style, Czech hits or modern dance music. Professional sound system and colored lighting effects included.

If you want more I can also offer video discotheque with projection on a screen of music video clips. Or even karaoke videos. For more information visit the Karaoke section.

What occasion?

  • Company parties
  • Balls, Entertainment
  • Weddings
  • Oldies party
  • Special music evenings
  • Discotheques for Youth
  • Birthday parties and other anniversaries
  • Discotheques for Children
  • Programs with various competitions (Children´s Day, Christmas carnival etc.)
  • ...and many others at request

Video discotheques

Video discotheque is a great combination of music, dance and imagine. This can serve as a dance inspiration and the retro video clips can rise your memories up. The video clips can be projected on a screen, LED video wall and multiple screens.

Oldřich Burda - Moderator and Dj

Events for companies

Company party should be pleasant, cheerful and unique. Sensitively selected music is half the battle. I can offer professional music production across all genres that will entertain the audience and make people dance.

Playing at request is granted.

My services have already used companies such as: Czech National Bank, Komerční banka (a member of the Société Générale Group), Tipsport, Nova ART, Skanska, Czech Technical University, OBI, Lexum, Tesco, Mercedes-Benz and dozens of others.

Oldřich Burda - moderátor a dj

DJ for a wedding ceremony

Wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and therefore it should also be one of the most beautiful days. The wedding DJ is a person who must be able to satisfy all generations and if required he needs to be also able to make them dance. I usually use good old hits which can gratify almost everyone. Playing at request is granted. My repertory is very wide. I am able to offer wide range of hits from fifties till today.

Oldřich Burda - moderátor a dj

Dj at children's parties

I can also offer you a bespoke party for children, afternoon with contest or children's carnival. Sound system included. The programs are designed to get the children dance, play and have fun.

Together we dance Zumba, Macarena, chicken dance or we dance as different animals in the zoo. The children gain prizes for riddles, rhymes and especially for their skills.
The programme is variable and it can be make as long as needed.

Oldřich Burda - moderátor a dj

Dj for Balls

Even such an event as a representative ball, disco has its unique place. It has many advantages. You can play the disco the entire evening where the ball is taking place. Or in the main hall as the final ending of the entire programme for those who want to continue dancing.

Balls where there is the disco music only domain a special category. They used to be held in the eighties. Even with them I have the best experience.

Oldřich Burda - moderátor a dj

Karaoke parties

Everybody could be a superstar (whether in a group of colleagues or friends). Just take the microphone and sing the song alone or with a friend or a group.

I can offer you more than 700 Czech or Slovak pop hits of all times. Text is on the screen and it starts shining at the moment you´re singing. I offer more than 700 international songs, too.

As a speaker I can moderate a singing competition for you and help you with the selection of hits.

My karaoke playlist is here:

  • Playlist of Czech and Slovak music (view PDF)
  • Playlist of international music (view PDF)
Oldřich Burda - moderátor a dj