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On the stage

Mainly as a speaker at different graduation balls and parties, sport events, team buildings, contest shows, road shows etc. I´ve spent more than 20 years as a speaker and have experience from more than 100 stages. I can guarantee high quality.

Here are some famous places as an example:

  • Lucerna Palace Prague
  • Palace Žofín Prague
  • National House of Vinohrady Prague
  • Congress Centrum Prague
  • National House at Smíchov Prague
  • Prague's Municipal House
  • Hotel Ambasador Praha
  • Hotel Hilton Praha
  • O2 Arena Praha
  • Boby Centrum Brno
  • Babylon centrum Liberec
  • Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary
  • Chateau Mcely
  • Castle Horšovský Týn
  • Castle Zahrádky u České Lípy
  • Castle Králův Dvůr
  • Castle Štiřín
  • ...and dozens more
Oldřich Burda - Moderator and Dj


As a speaker I have a long television experience. On the screen I have 21-year long experience without any break. My beginnings are connected with the Studio Kontakt on the first programme of the Czech Television (CT1). It was in 1993.

In 1995 I won a competition for the company Sazka and all their betting games. I worked for Sportka (Lotto), Šťastných deset (Keno) and EuroMillions for 18 years, until 2014. You could also see me on TV Prima and TV Nova.

I am waiting for the new TV opportunity and I believe it comes soon.

Publicity: an overview

  • Studio Kontakt
    ČT 1 - 1993 až 1994
  • Moderation lottery games Sazka
    ČT 1 - 1995 až 2014
  • Na Plný Plyn - automoto magazine
    TV Prima - 1996 až 1998
  • Discussion club for Cable and Regional television
    BOX TV Praha - 1996 až 2007.
  • Documentaries for Cable and Regional television
    BOX TV Praha - 1996 až 2007.
  • Festival minutes - Mezinár. Film., Rozhl. a Tel. Fest. Znojemský hrozen
    Prima TV - 1996 až 2010.
  • TV game Ranec
    ČT1 - 1998
  • TV game T-Mobile Renta
    NOVA - 2004 až 2005
Oldřich Burda - Moderator and Dj

Radio broadcast

I´ve started my radio career at Radio Vox in 1992. From the beginning I was one of the five main presenters. Fortunately I met great people there, like the owner of the radio or the composer Karel Svoboda and Miroslav Ondříček who was nominated for Oskar. I spent wonderful four years there. Then I worked for Radio City and the Czech Radio.

In 1999 I started in Regina (one of the Czech Radio´s stations) as an afternoon radio presenter and I had the honour to make a lot of interviews with interesting guests. I enjoyed this work until 2002 when there had been a flood in the Czech Radio.

Celebrity interviews

Oldřich Burda - Moderator and Dj

Regina DAB Praha

In November 2015 Regina ended up and there has been created a new project in the digital DAB broadcasting. Regina DAB Praha is a pilot station of the Czech Radio in digital broadcasting.
For more information visit reginadabpraha.cz

Publicity: an overview

  • Radio Vox
    1992 - 1997
  • Radio City
  • Czech Radio Regina
    1999 - 2002, 2009 - 2015
  • Regina DAB Prague
Oldřich Burda - Moderator and Dj